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Sadly, 43% of children cannot read proficiently at a 3rd grade level, which is the single greatest predictor of high school graduation and later success.  Of all 8th grade students, 65% did not meet proficiency standards on the 2017 (NAEP) math assessment.  Further, 47% of high school graduates met none of the four ACT college readiness benchmarks in 2017.

A high performing education system is fundamental for local economies to flourish. The economic growth alone outweighs any costs. No matter the cost, Billy will fight to implement a five-year plan that allows for NC to be established as a top five performing public school system in the nation.

Unfortunately, North Carolina has also fallen to the near bottom in teacher pay and school funding.   In order to provide our children with a quality education, Billy is also committed to making teaching a profession by raising NC pay to the national average.



Billy is committed to protecting our drinking water and our natural waterways. The Cape Fear and Neuse Rivers are tied for seventh most environmentally stressed rivers in North America.

A clean environment and sustainable economy are not mutually exclusive. Billy continues in every way to further protect  our health, water and sustainable economy, including almost a million jobs in our fishing, farming, and tourism industries.

Billy will hold corporations responsible for the damage they cause to our immediate environment and to individual citizens of North Carolina. Our farmers and local consumers should not be the ones who solely bear the burden of any corporate cleanup. 


Job Creation

Billy believes in common sense job creation. As a small businessman, he understands what it takes to succeed. It must be composed of well-educated, well-trained individuals and enhanced by a tax system that is fair to our small businesses. Restoring our education system is the first critical step in creating quality jobs across North Carolina. Collectively, our State must have a long range goal to both repair and expand our core infrastructure - from highways, storm systems and broadband.

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