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Education & Schools

As a graduate of Terry Sanford High School, Billy knows the value of a quality public education. It took him to Carolina, to law school at Campbell University, and brought him home to practice law.

He also met the love of his life and spouse, Barbara, in high school. Billy loves Cumberland County and is running for North Carolina House to help restore our once great education system. 

Billy and Barbara have been blessed with three children and three grandchildren. Billy wants his grandchildren to have the right to the same great education that he, Barbara, and his children had.

Unfortunately, North Carolina has fallen to the bottom of the nation in teacher pay and school funding. Billy will provide our children with a quality education and raise teacher pay to the national average.

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Clean Water

Billy is committed to protecting our drinking water and our natural waterways. With coal ash leaking into our rivers and dangerous fracking chemicals being pumped into our soil, clean water and air are no longer guarantees in NC.

Fracking alone will pollute millions of gallons of water from the Cape Fear River. He will hold corporations such as Duke Energy responsible for their toxic coal ash ponds and make sure they pay for the damage they caused, not North Carolinians.


Job Creation

Billy believes in common sense job creation. As a small businessman, he understands that for any business to succeed it must be made of well-educated and well trained individuals and a tax system that is fair to our small businesses. Billy also knows that restoring our education system is the first critical step in creating quality jobs across North Carolina.

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