Richardson Calls for Hurricane Matthew Relief

Rep. William O. Richardson calls for special session to discuss relief for communities affected by Hurricane Matthew

Representative William O. Richardson is calling for immediate action by the North Carolina legislature in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

(Fayetteville, North Carolina) - In the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew, Representative Richardson is calling for a special session of the North Carolina legislature to discuss tapping into the rainy day fund to cover emergency relief efforts. The state has over a billion dollars available for emergency relief.

“Our rainy day has come. I am out in the community right now and people are hurting. We must call a special session to make the rainy day funds available to the communities hurt by this horrible storm.”

At press time, news agencies reported 8 dead, a state of emergency in 43 counties, and untold millions in damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure.

Billy Richardson