US News: North Carolina Police Must Inventory Untested Rape Kits

New legislation in North Carolina aims to put an exact number on how many untested rape kits there are in the state.

Representative Richardson advocates for the inventory of untested rape kits.

North Carolina had been one of several states without legislation regarding testing these kits, leaving local authorities to decide how to handle them. Without dedicated funding and training, many were left untouched in evidence rooms. In some cases, the suspect's identity wasn't in question, or victims may have decided against pressing charges.

"You can't fix a problem until you know you have a problem," said Rep. Billy Richardson, a Democrat from Cumberland County who thinks there could be thousands of untested kits across the state. "It is important that these victims have some resolution to their cases."

Richardson said a voluntary audit conducted by police in his jurisdiction alone turned up more than 1,000 kits.

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Billy Richardson